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Friday, 29 July 2011

Postcard Venice

I'm back!

Sometimes I am at the mercy of late nights, early mornings, or a too busy schedule. These past two weeks,  I've been at the mercy of ROTTEN EUROPEAN WIFI!

I don't mean to complain, I AM the luckiest traveler alive :). But, I've found it nearly impossible to get work done while in Italy and beyond!

Finally, at almost 3am, I am posting again! Phew. Come inside my trip to Venice....

Every summer 5 of my girlfriends and I trek to Italy for a few days of fun without the distractions of husbands, children, work, and the business of everyday life.

Our tradition started in Florence four years ago, and we've since been to Positano, Capri, Rome and this year, Venice.

I love this weekend so much; nothing feeds my soul like spending three nights together giggling, gossiping, eating pizza, sipping chianti and tottering on our heels over cobblestone streets.

My travel companions would insist on photo approval, but I'm sneaking in a shot or two of my amigas as well as some typical, strange, or beautiful sights from our time together in Venezia.

...2 of 6 (me and....)

This year we stayed at one of the most beautiful hotels in the world, the Hotel Cipriani

Right on the water and a short water taxi away from the city center. 

The adorable concierges who made us smile every morning. Wouldn't you?!

The view from my bedroom window...

The ONLY Hotel with a pool in Venice. And, what a pool!

Ready for dinner...3 of 6 (me and....)

Of course the hotel food was amazing....but two of our favorite meals were:
Harry's Bar

My mother used to buy this pasta and have it shipped home! 

And, Da Ivo...

 Our favorite restaurant in Venice. Zuchini flowers, homemade pasta, and the best steak filet in Italy!

I'm not giving anyone away, am I? 4 of 6 (...and....)

Besides enjoying the absolute best restaurants in each city, we always make at least one cultural outing. This time we enjoyed a private tour of the recently opened Prada Museum. 

The exterior of the Fondazione Prada.

Lucky for us all, Miucca Prada, the legendary clothing designer,  has taken her personal art collection and made it public. She exhibits works from Anish Kapoor, and Damien Hirst to Jeff Koons in this 17th Century Villa.


How about the art on the street?   This beautiful mosaic is actually...
An exhibition on the street...

Made from painted, wooden eggs!

My kids love the Simpsons (no parent judgement, please)...Thought this might be too racy for them.

After art comes more eating....
Impossible to not indulge in all of Italy's offerings....

We always indulge in a little shopping.

Walking by the Chanel store late one night...
Is that an IPAD cover I see? Ohh, I want!

Beautiful Venetian Glass...How about a table full of these? 

Anyone wanna buy a cat puppet?

Somebody please throw a masquerade ball!!! How beautiful?!

Lucky underwear...Really?!

I stumbled upon a designer I never knew, Ermanno Scervino.

Feminine, simple, and easy to wear...

Arrivederci, Venezia!

Next post on Capri...

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  1. Love love love this one! Gorgeous photos mon amie! I too am having trouble uploading via Euro Wifi. It's torture. Can't wait to share a glass of Rose at home an hear all the juicy details of your summer travel.