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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Postcard Capri

 And so the Italian adventure continues....

Capri is one of my all time favorite islands. What's not to love? Chic people, great food, fabulous shopping, stunning views, sparkling water, and warm Italians.

Capri with Kelly is a no brainer. She and I are good travel companions… a lazy breakfast poolside, a dip in the pool, a jaunt in town to shop, a delicious lunch, a boat ride around the island. We laugh hysterically, we share each other’s tears, and ultimately we enjoy every minute we spend gaining the five pounds together.

So if I can’t be in Capri with George, Liam or Jake…at least I’m in Capri with a like minded friend. 

Come on my adventure..

Our first outing once we settle in and our last outing before departing the island...and usually a few more times during our stay - the incomparable Aurora Restaurant.

My favorite, we ate there 4 times!

Seriously the best pizza I have ever tasted. The crust is so thin it's barely a crisp. Add white cheese, capers and black olives...spice it up with crushed red peppers soaked in olive oil. YUMMMMM
Do you think I look fat in this scarf? Maybe I should skip Pizza tomorrow.....

Or just cover myself in leopard and surrender...Meooow

Off on a boat ride around the island...

Look at the gorgeous, rugged hillside.

A swim in the Med.

Entry to the Blue Grotto 
Look, I'm just like Jackie!

On our way to lunch....

Entrance by boat to La Fontelina

Kelly at La Fontelina.
And now for a little afternoon shopping...
Shops tucked away on little streets....

Look at these candles....GORGEOUS! 

Carthusia soaps and perfumes are typically Italian, light and floral...
I love checking out brands of makeup not available in America...


Some say I'm bag obsessed....they would be correct. I loved these bags, from my favorite shop on the island, Blue. I need no bags, and couldn't possibly squeeze any into my already stuffed suitcase, so I will admire them from afar and save my Euros....

I love these structured straw bags with metal handles and tassles!

I'm a boho at heart, these bags make me really want to go to India with an empty suitcase!
Finally broke down and bought a bag...this weekender is super chic and monogrammed and will come in handy carrying home my souvenirs!

As the sun sets, nothing beats a cocktail and people watching on the terrace of the Quisisana before dinner. 

Evening has begun....
I spy chic-ness on the terrace!

Excuse my evil eyes...ready for dinner...

 Da Paulina, another favorite restaurant, set amongst and within a lemon grove. The trees create a pergola of beauty!
So romantic. 

 In the "all you can eat" dessert buffet, there was a big glass bowl filled with these tins of gum. Yes, I grabbed a handful and stuffed my little clutch. How could I resist? Hermes, Dolce, LV and Chanel!

Next stop Corfu....



  1. You look sooooo gorgeous in your bikini in the Grotto! Simply stunning and sexy beyond!!! So mad I missed the gum tins at Da Paolina - too cute! Missing Capri already. XOXO

  2. That is my favorite place in Europe! Thanks for bringing back some wonderful memories. Enjoy Corfu...but be careful, I lost everything on I had the beach (mostly my fault though:)

  3. Stefanie Seltzer4 August 2011 at 11:59

    Love it! Can I come next year? Although you will have to pack for me - the packing for my NY trip didn't really work out so well :)

  4. I have to second Jill's comment on the bikini pic. OMG! You look amazing. Love reading this so much. With it being far too long since my last trip to Italy, I get to live vicariously through you.

  5. Love it! One of my favorite places in the entire world! And you are way more chic than Jackie O ever dreamed of being! Xxoo