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Sunday, 3 July 2011

It's in the bag

Here’s the deal, it get’s messy before it get’s neat.

Packing for a 7 week trip is a challenge! I need utilitarian clothes for my trip to Africa, city-chic threads for Paris, the right clothes for my annual girls trip to Italy, and resort-wear for Greece.
The task made more difficult by my exacting need to keep it all in one manageable rolling bag (I’ve schlepped heavy, burdensome suitcases far too many times). 

Loire Valley biking trip, we were only 3 people for 6 days - I learned my lesson! 

I usually manage one carry on, but 7 weeks and 7 cities with different needs made it impossible. I kept to one LL Bean rolling duffle bag for each of us and one small carry on. 

My method:

I grab my stack of polaroids and sift through what I think I might want to wear.
I eliminate anything requiring special shoes. I limit myself to two pair of heels, 2-3 sandals, and 2 flats. This trip needed sneakers too. 

I hang all my clothes on a rolling rack and divide each leg of my trip with tags.

Before the edit.

Then, the secret to making it all fit in the suitcase is laying each item long and flat. DON’T ROLL your clothes – that’s a space-saving MYTH!

Shoes go on the bottom (in shoe bags), toiletries and small accessories go in last, on the top.

All of my toiletries, makeup and medicines go in zip lock bags.

I keep toiletries in a bag ready to grab and go. 

I always carry a Longchamp pliage bag for purchases along the way or to send back clothes I won't use anymore; I've already sent back most of the clothes I wore in Senegal already. Wish I had those sneakers now that I BROKE MY TOE!!! 
Will I ever get to wear those heels I brought? 

Here's a question for you...What is the one item you don't leave home without? 



  1. Hmmmm, long and flat, wonder where you got that idea? I don't go anywhere without my Jouer Perfector #3 because otherwise I would have big black circles under my eyes! Freaking out about my own packing quickly approaching! XO

  2. I'd never leave home without my Jouer moisturizing tint. In fact I have a make up bag in the trunk of my car just in case I decide to have an impromptu sleep over. I don't want to scare my host in the morning. :>)

  3. Awfully impressed with the packing methodology. Thanks for sharing your secrets.