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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Mirror, Mirror

 The minute I met Elin Hornfeldt, I knew she was something special.

I walked into my photo shoot for Andrew Gn and Harpers Bazaar PETRIFIED! Seriously, how could I possibly be pretty enough to be in a magazine like Bazaar? I have so many phobias I was shaken to the core. My nose is too big, my eyes are too small, my lips too thin, my hips too wide; self-critic was not quiet that morning.

Entrance to Andrew's salon
Then, I met Elin, Bazaar’s photographer, and she calmed me right down. First, she was so young…and her smile was so warm. She was concentrated, but joyful. What a switch, in the world of fashion and art, snobbery is expected. But, Elin was gracious, open and kind.
We’ve kept in touch since our shoot. And, how about this? I didn’t disown her when the magazine came out. A good sign because I’m my own worst critic (clearly!).
Harpers Bazaar!
Grace Borletti and I..
My son "Why do you look so angry?"
Me "That's mommy's Diva face."

Me, In Red? Now that's a stretch!

More from the shoot

Today we sat down for a lunch in Paris and talked about her photography, my company, Jouer, and our perspectives on beauty.
Elin brought her book for me to see her work

Elin and I have an uncanny similarity in the way we see the world. We're both acutely aware of the beauty around us, finding it in the smallest moment.  We found inspiration in each other's work and, fingers crossed, someday we can work together!    

Take a look at the beauty she shares with us….

Gemma's smile is radiant!

Gemma in pink!

Elin took this picture backstage. She works with film...remember that stuff?
It gives her photos a beautiful, soft quality.

If we could all look so good in a mask!

I LOVE this picture - beautiful makeup...Soo Jouer!

This is one of my favorites too!

All these pictures are Elin's!!
Which ones are your favorites?


  1. Amazing photos! Elin can really catch the moment.

  2. STU-NNING!!! French Vogue "Ca Defile!" with Gemma cover is magnifique and my favorite. It's the epitome of effortless glamour. Such an "of the moment" shot. Elin is soooo talented.

  3. Thank you very much Meredith :-) I've heard wonderful things about you from Christina. Hope and looking forward to meeting you one day! Thanks again for your feedback it's very inspiring to hear! :-) //Elin

  4. Elin is such a fabulous photographer, she can makes anyone looks very beautiful